La Corona.

- Attractiveness: Vertical wall, Sunken ship, Coral life.

- Maximun depth: 40 m – 132 ft

- Visibility: 20 - 35 m; rainy season: 15 - 20 m.

- Description:
This site is in front of Las Coloradas Light House, and it´s also called Tongue of the light house or Crown of the light house. The platform extends for 400 m at a depth of 17 m, falling abruptly in this point deeper than 100 m. The charm is diving over the wall, where the rupture of blues take place, and go inside the cracks that depict the overwhelming intense blue. This site resume all the attractions of the area, as it features a vertical wall, channels and tunnels, a sunken ship and abundant coral life. The wall is covered of sea life, and several fish show and hide as the diver pass by.

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